Ready-to-Drink premium cocktails unlike any you’ve tried before.

Badlander Spirits Ready-to-Drink cocktails (RTDs) rival the best cocktails your favorite bartender makes at your local watering hole. Made here in Montana, Badlander’s Baddies are not your average cocktail in a can. They are superior cocktails containing vodka or tequila distilled with Montana Rocky Mountain water and blended with other natural ingredients.

Montana Mule

Crafted with premium vodka, lime, ginger and seltzer water

Huckleberry Crush Baddie

Concocted with premium vodka, huckleberry, lemon and seltzer water


Created with premium tequila, lime, sea salt and seltzer water

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Try our bright, uniquely-flavored RTD cocktails, currently available in three favorite spirit blends, with more coming soon!