Badlander Spirit Company

Meet Badlander Spirits Co.

We are excited to bring our ready-to-drink cocktails and new state-of-the-art canning facility to Helena, Montana.

About Us

The Badlander Spirits Co. is a Montana-based company that produces high-quality beverages for both our own and other brands. We prioritize quality and our employees, and we're passionate about showcasing the best of Montana's local resources for beverage production. We're building a tough, unapologetically Montanan brand that's ready to take on the world, one sip at a time.

But that's not all. The Badlander Spirits Co. is also a state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility that partners with other badass brands to produce their beverages. We leverage our unparalleled resources, cutting-edge facility, and extensive manufacturing expertise to help emerging and established brands expand their production and distribution capabilities like never before.

Scott MacIntyre- Founder, CEO
Scott Joseph MacIntyre is the founder and visionary behind The Badlander Spirits Co. He is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience working and operating businesses in the beverage industry. Scott's long-term vision for Badlander Spirits Co. is to build an authentic Montana brand that can be passed down to future generations as part of his legacy.

Our Team
We bring over 30 years of combined experience in the beverage industry to the table, and we're not afraid to use it to drive our operations to new heights of awesomeness. Our all-star team is packed with experienced executives in sales, production, finance, and business development.

Co-Packing Services

Nestled in an ideal location in the Northern Rockies, gateway to the PNW, our co-packing abilities are unparalleled west of the Mississippi. Low MOQs, state-of-the-art QA lab, customizable water profiles, and ample storage position us as your brand’s premium co-pack partner. Our manufacturing team has built over 20 beverage plants across the US, a number of which have received global awards within their respective industries. Quality and cost control drive every aspect of our plant operations.

Ideal location in northern Rockies/PNW along two major interstate routes
1000 gallon MOQs
State-of-the-art QA and food safety lab
Automated CIP processes
Customizable water profiles
Tunnel pasteurization
Favorable storage rates
Distillery license

Dissolved oxygen testing from Anton Paar
CO2 testing from Anton Paar
pH testing from Hach
Benchtop density testing from Rudolph
Alcohol meter testing from Rudolph
Sterility testing (yeast, molds, bacteria) from bioMerieux
Can seam inspection by CMC-KUHNKE

2000 gallon, jacketed and non-jacketed blending tanks
Baffled walls, offset agitators
Blending table with high shear pumps
Automated water and ingredient additions

55cpm run speed
In-line deaeration
In-line cooling and carbonating
Tunnel pasteurization
In-line sleeve application
Case bundling
Carton application with variety-pack capabilities
Standard can sizes- standard 12oz and standard 16oz (both with 202 LOE ends)
Standard carton configurations- standard 12oz- 4pk and 8pk, standard 16oz- 8pk
* Other can sizes and carton configurations available at a fee

Ample dry storage
Favorable dry storage rates
Cooler and freezer storage available
Full truckload can warehousing
LTL can pallets available


Questions about our brands, co-packing, or employment? Ask away!


760 Florence St
Helena, MT 59601