about us

Our team + our passion = best-in-class beverages

At Badlander Spirits Company, we value and prioritize two things: quality and our employees. Our emphasis on quality includes not only the quality of our ingredients but also the quality control we apply in processing our products. A major factor in our quality control is our first-rate manufacturing facility built from the ground up with the latest technology and a modern QA testing lab. But our products would not be the stars they are without the obsession of our dedicated team of beverage gurus.

Our Core Values

What makes us different?

Founder and CEO, Scott MacIntyre
Scott Joseph MacIntyre is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience operating businesses in the beverage industry. He has worked in, managed and owned bars and restaurants for his entire working life. As the visionary behind Badlander Spirits Company. Scott is building an authentic Montana brand that can be passed down to future generations as part of his legacy.

The Badlander Team
Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the beverage industry that we are leveraging to drive our beverage products to unparalleled heights of awesomeness. This all-star team includes seasoned executives in production, sales, finance, and business development who are all passionate about delivering a superior quality beverage experience to Montana, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.